Meet Moira Bramley

Moira Bramley is a wealth coach, savvy investor and certified facilitator for Access Consciousness. She has several product companies, is a shareholder in Castello di Casalborgone in Italy, an investor in El Lugar in Costa Rica and has an extensive investment portfolio.

Moira combines kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit with pushing the boundaries of possibility, for herself and for her clients.

She grew up in poverty with an alcoholic father. Despite having difficulty with school, she made the choice to have a very different life and began her first business buying and selling second hand furniture at 19, after moving to London with her husband-to-be.

She trained to be an interior designer then a psychotherapist, until she realised that accessing consciousness was way more effective than fixing problems.

Together with her ex-husband they built highly successful businesses and had two sons, living in Scotland, England and Australia. Since turning 50 Moira has lived independently in Spain and Italy.  She speaks English, Italian, and energy.

She lives with intense curiosity and is always asking for more. One of her greatest joys is being a catalyst for changing people's realities.


At the end of my second year training to be a psychotherapist I asked the question, "What's better and faster than this? Actually, what works?" (Psychotherapy spent too much time focusing on the problems, and then discovering new problems) I found Access Consciousness - it works fast!

We have been programmed into thinking we know who we are and what is true.  Do you make choices and behave in ways that are not always creating a rewarding, fulfilling life? Do you live a lot in thoughts, feelings and emotions?

Are you interested in becoming aware of a totally different way of being and learning how to step into very different sets of possibilities than what you thought was possible for you? Do you ever find yourself asking: Is this really it?  Is this all there is?


What Do Your Choices Create?

What is it that you have been looking for? Seeking for so long? Asking the universe to show you? You know something else is possible, are you ready to choose it?

When I found Access Consciousness I discovered the tools that would give me the way of living that I had always been looking for.

I started out with nothing, and by a very young age I had the best this reality had to offer… yet I had little of me.

What if the success and happiness you seek is beyond what is on offer by the standards of this reality and society?

What if that void of what is missing in your life can be found beyond the measures of success you have been taught?

I warmly welcome you to discover the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness. From live classes; Access BarsThe Foundation and 3 Day Body classes, to online calls; How To Become Money Workbook, and many more.

The journey of discovering you is incredibly rewarding. Flourishing in capacities and abilities that you have hidden for sometime can now become a gift and contribution to your life and those around you.