What do your choices create?

I was born into a poverty-stricken, alcohol-ridden Scottish family where mistreatment was a daily experience. I found school difficult intellectually and socially and spent my childhood wondering why people didn’t say what they really meant. By the time I was 10 I knew I was going to have a very different life – all of that was definitely not enough for me! So I chose a rich life where I could fly in private jets, live in a £12 million beach house and have anything I wanted. I lived the high life and it was very clear to me that was never going to be enough.

Underneath ‘having it all’ was a pervading sense of ‘Is this all there is?’. By my early twenties I had a brilliant husband, two amazing boys, a luxurious life… and yet my head kept thumping me with stories of how stupid I was, how incompetent I was and how I couldn’t get anything right. I was deeply unhappy and seeking something that didn’t seem to have a name. I was in therapy for years then trained to be a psychotherapist and didn’t manage to change anywhere near enough to create me living as I knew somehow was possible. 

When I found Access Consciousness®️ I discovered how to live the way I had been looking for. Every day I ask to be more and receive more. Every day I become more aware and generative in my life using the tools I’ve learned. Living consciously is a journey that never stops asking you to be all you can be.

Having Money is a Choice

We have money for our bodies. If we didn’t have a body, why would we need money?

Aside from people judging money (which dynamically keeps it from coming to you) most people who would like more money don’t know how to bring it easily, into their lives. We are taught that, how much we can have of it, directly relates to how hard we work or how intelligent we are. Not true!

We are not taught how to have an intimate relationship with money or our bodies. This is what makes money easy!

When you are very present with money and your body you are actually present with everything. You are present with the energy of everything, whether you are cognitively aware of it or not.

When you desire more money, and you ask energetically, it will come. It is as definite a law as gravity. An apple unattaching from a tree will fall to the ground. Ask, energetically, and it will come - so long as there are no judgments in the way.

How to Become Money Workbook

Being a Different Parent

My parents did the best they could, and I lived a largely neglected childhood. When you grow up like that you have two choices as a parent – you can continue the unconscious or conscious neglect, or you can chart a new course and change the future.

When my boys were born I was determined to give them a greater life than I had. The eldest is on the spectrum and high functioning. Both are brilliant beings and function very different to the norm. In the early years I tried to ‘fix’ them, taking my eldest son to the best specialists and sending them to the best schools. I’m so glad it didn’t work.

Being ‘fixed’ wasn’t what they needed. I discovered there was a greater kindness in allowing them to develop in their own phenomenal and unconventional ways. It was a big learning curve for me. As young adults, they are creating wonderful lives and becoming the leaders they came here to be.

If you have children who are different, you have to ask what they need, not try to fit them into the box of normal. They didn’t come here to fit in. Support them in being themselves and changing the world. What kind of leader are you as their parent? What kind of leader can you be? What kind of leader can you invite them to be?

You don’t have to perpetuate the choices your parents made with you, or overcompensate. Choosing true kindness will move you and your family beyond your history and programming.

Choosing Beyond Your Situation

If you want to change your situation you may want to start getting aware that we are indoctrinated to make constant choices from a very limited predictable, usually fear based, menu.

We make these choices from thoughts feelings and emotions rather than from awareness. We tend to choose ‘comfort’ before possibility.

This is an ongoing journey. You will find blogs, articles, conversations and classes on this website, that I will add to on a regular basis, that starts to get you to question that programming and explore a different way of being in your life.

Meanwhile, what choices do you have that you are refusing?

Ask that question, be that question, and wait. If you do not go looking for the answer, awareness will come.

Moira Bramley

Moira Bramley is a wealth coach, savvy investor and certified facilitator for Access Consciousness. She has several product companies and is a shareholder in Castello di Casalborgone in Italy.

Moira combines kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit with an authentic desire to push the boundaries of possibility, for herself and for her clients. 

Moira grew up in poverty with an alcoholic father. Despite having difficulty with school, she made the choice to have a very different life and began her first business buying and selling second hand furniture at 19, after moving to London with her husband-to-be. She trained to be an interior designer then a psychotherapist, until she realised that accessing consciousness was way more effective than fixing problems.

Together with her ex-husband they built highly successful businesses and had two sons, living in Scotland, England and Australia. Since turning 50 Moira has lived independently in Spain and Italy.  She speaks English, Italian, and energy.

She lives with intense curiosity and is always asking for more. She lives by the maxim “choice is not about how much money you have, it’s about acknowledging who you are and what your choices create.”

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